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Derby Tiling Patterns and features

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Honeycomb Pattern Tiling in Derby
Pattern & Feature Services in Derby

Once you've done your search and found the right tiles for your commercial or domestic project, the next move is to determine the patterns and features you'll lay of these fittings. If you're at this point, you may discover multiple choices that can improve the appearance of your tiles. Some popular patterns include:

Straight Lay Pattern

This pattern is the most common because it's simple to perform. Through the procedure, you lay the side of the fitting by the side in a straight forward manner. After laying the tiles using this pattern, you get an overall uniform pattern. This pattern is an excellent choice for rooms where you need minimal distractions from other style highlights.

Running Bond

Also known as a brick pattern, this style feature enables you to easily deliver an elegant design. The style is popular and mostly used for walls and balconies.  With some planning and skills, you can simply deliver an excellent pattern using this style.

A basic highlight of the running bond style is that every end of each tile is lined up with the middle of the tile above and below it to form a teetered grout lines. The style is popular because it can conceal imperfections like warped walls. Other perks of this pattern are that it's easy to install, it's strong, and it requires reduced cutting.

Herringbone pattern

Tiles laid in a herringbone pattern can quickly change your space, giving it an attractive and functional pattern. Whether you're covering a kitchen splashback, a floor, or an entire feature wall, the herringbone pattern creates an elegant space. You can form the style when you organize and install the outfits in 45º, creating a V shape.

Through the style, you can create an expansive impression in a small room. The V-shaped pattern formed through the style give your spaces an illusion of motion and can draw your eye outward to see more movements.

This style works well with neutral colors in a small hallway or wet room. You may find the style a bit challenging to accomplish if you intend to use DIY tactics. It’s therefore advisable to hire a professional for the best results.

The basketweave pattern

You can add an attractive impression to your spaces using the basketweave design. The styles create an attractive illusion of motion and are suitable for multiple designs. So you can use them on both modern and traditional plans. With multiple designs featuring simple to complex styles, the basketweave pattern can be your best choice for wet rooms, kitchens, pathways, and floors.

Basketweave patterns come in a variety of colors and feature different materials such as porcelain and natural stone. The style is attractive and creates a timeless design for interior spaces.

Diagonal pattern

Also known as diamond style, the diagonal pattern uses square tiles fixed at a 45º angle to form a diamond illusion. Because of its illusion for movement, the style can make small rooms appear big. It’s advisable to hire an experienced tiler to install for you the diagonal pattern because it entails a lot of cuttings.

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Derby Tile Patterns and features, feature multiple patterns and styles that can transform your spaces and make them look exceptional. Derby Tile Patterns and features can also assist you to discover the patterns and features suitable for your spaces.

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