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Derby Tile have become an important aspect of our interior and exterior spaces. The fit-out are attractive, long-lasting, and easy to keep. Derby Tile offer different kinds of tiles to suit the needs of our commercial and domestic clients. The main tiles we provide are explored here below:

Room full of ceramic tiles


An tile used in the bathroom


Mosaic Tile Services


Victorian Tiling Services

Victorian Tiles

Beautiful tiling of a natural stone

Natural Stone Tiles

Beautiful marble tiles used in bathroom tiles

Marble Tile


The ceramic tiles are the most common furnishings and come in various forms. For instance, you may come across the metro tile, crackled wall tile, and antique Victorian outfits.

For many years, the Derby Tile procedure of manufacturing ceramic tiles has remained similar. The ceramic tiles are made from white or red clay and have an ornamental glaze applied on their surface. Through high kiln temperatures, you end up getting a durable product that has a glaze and body held firmly together.

Ceramic tiles are elegant, long-lasting, and simple to clean. They're the best choice for splashbacks and bathroom walls where there are frequent soap and shampoo contacts.

Ceramic tiles come in a broad range of designs and great shapes. You can use them on floors and walls as well.


Porcelain tiles are made from finer clay and kilned at high temperatures compared to ceramic tiles. They’re, therefore, water-resistant and can be used in multiple kinds of walls and floors in homes and commercial places.

You're likely to encounter two kinds of porcelain tiles in the market: glazed and unglazed ones. The glazed file is the most popular globally. They have a porcelain body featuring a glazed surface. Technological advancement has made it possible to print anything on the porcelain surface.

Glazed tiles come in multiple designs and shapes and are best for both commercial and domestic tiling purposes. Being waterproof, you can use these tiles on almost every section of your home for functional and aesthetic objectives.

Unglazed porcelain furnishings lack the glazed layer. The whole tile is made of natural earth, and the shade occupies the whole outfit. The unglazed tiles are extremely hard and abrasion-resistant. They're the ideal choice for massive traffic areas such as hotels and hospitals. Apart from their durability, they also look great in those areas.


The mosaic tiles are a popular choice for many businesses and homes. Their intricate designs are appealing, and many use them in balconies and bathrooms.

The mosaic furnishings consist of tiny pieces of tiles arranged on a sheet. Once set and grouted, they give an illusion of numerous small tiles. Mosaics are made from different materials such as marble, stone, porcelain, etc.

Through the use of mosaic tiles, you can add details to your spaces. You can lay them in bands or feature them on the whole wall.

Because of their tiny sizes, you should expect multiple grout joints. Because of this, many people use them in wet rooms and patios.

Victorian Tiles

The Victorian tiles are common in the UK due to the rich Victorian heritage. These tiles are made from colored clays. Manufacturers can feature more than six different shades to highlight a style in the furnishing.

Besides the use of multiple colors, the Victorian tiles can also come in a variety of patterns and styles. For instance, you can have simple, lively, and bold Victorian patterns.

You can use the Victorian tiles in various areas of your home and business, including porches, hallways, bathrooms, and conservatories. Although their installation is a bit expensive, the Victorian tiles are durable and can last for many years.

Natural Stone Tiles

The natural stone tiles comprise different kinds of quarried rocks, including marble, quartz, slate, and others. For many years, these stones have been building blocks and show different attractive properties.

Although the natural stone tiles are attractive in appearance, they’re expensive and require regular maintenance. Thanks to technological advancement, you can now create man-made tiles that look like the natural ones.

Derby Tile can help you in installing different types of natural stones for your commercial or domestic needs. We work with different professionals, like architects and designers, to deliver an exquisite project.

Marble Tile

Marble is a metamorphic stone that exists in different shades. Since time immemorial, different civilizations have used marble to decorate their homes and religious buildings. Marble is resistant to adverse weather conditions such as heat and cold.

After extracting the marble stone, the next procedure entails dividing the rock into various sections with a machine.   Once you have the different sections of the marble rock, you send them to workshops where they're cut into desirable sizes. Manufacturers can use special machines to smoothen the rock's surfaces.

Marble has different properties that make it one of the best tiling materials. These include:

  • Different shades
  • Texture
  • Solubility
  • Resistance
  • Porosity
  • Durability

You can use marble tiles in different areas, such as:

  • The kitchen
  • Building floors
  • Wet room and toilets
  • Columns
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