Brick tiles being used on a wall. The hands of the tiler press a tile against the half finished wall

Wall Tiling in Derby

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Wall Tiling using limestone in derby
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Wall Tiling in Derby requires careful planning and multiple considerations. You, therefore, require a professional tiler who can offer a superior solution that's attractive and functional. Although multiple experts exist in the market, not all of them have the experience and skills of offering a great service. You can rely on us for great and hassle-free wall tiling solutions.

Our tilers have the skills and knowledge required to fix wall tiles. And we have accomplished multiple projects in the past ranging from restaurants, hospitals, and homes. We’re able to work on any project regardless of its size.

We can virtually work on any tiles, including marble, glass, limestone, slate, granite, terracotta, mosaics, and porcelain. We can fix the tile in wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and exterior spaces.

If you hire for your wall tiling project, we follow different steps to ensure that we deliver a fascinating solution. These include:

Surface preparation: While wall tiles can be fixed on drywall and plaster, in damp places, they should be laid over cement board.  Although the cement board isn't water-resistant, it doesn't collapse and comes down once it's wet. We thoroughly clean the surface before installing the tile.

Formation of Layout: We start by finding the middle of the wall. Once we establish the center, we use the level to form crisscrossing perpendicular and flat layout lines.  The next step is to examine how the tiles fit in the area. We do the testing by fitting the horizontal and vertical rows of tiles to examine how they fit the space.  We modify the layout lines appropriately for the best look.

Selection and application of adhesive: we select the adhesive based on the room and seasonal weather changes of your area.  For dry areas, we use mastic glue to install the wall outfits. When installing shower wall tiles, we use cement-based thin-set glue, which can't breakdown when exposed to dampness.

Cutting Tiles: During the installation procedure, we cut some tiles to fit properly. We use various tools to ensure that the cutting is smooth and doesn’t cause multiple wastages. We have tools for straight cutting of tiles and those used for curved cutting.

Grouting the tile: once the glue is cured, we grout the tiles. We either use sanded or unsanded grout as per the diameter of the grout joints.  We use state-of-the-art tools to ensure smooth application of the grout.

What you expect from us in tiling walls

With many years of experience in wall tiling, we’re the best company for you. When you contact us, you’ll have a personalized discussion about your project with one of our tilers. If you have any ideas about your project, you'll share them with our installer to enable them to have a rough view of your need.

The next step after your initial contact is to organize a free site visit. The visit is critical to us because it enables us to assess your project and create a free estimate. Our rates are friendly to our clients.

We can also share with you vibrant ideas about your project to make it better. Our experts are friendly and are always glad to assist our clients.

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