Modern bathroom with grey tiles on the floor and one wall. Free standing modern bath and toilet.

Wet Rooms

Modern bathroom with grey tiles on the floor and one wall. Free standing modern bath and toilet.
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Men's Modern Bathroom Tiling Services in Derby
Women's modern bathroom tiled by derby team
Modern Tiling Services in Derby

The wet room is an essential section of your home or business property and needs a high-quality and bespoke design that matches with the overall exterior design. If you're installing a new wet room or you're remodeling the existing one, you can rely on us for a fantastic bathroom tiling service. Our toilet tiling solutions are available to both commercial and residential customers. With our many years of experience and use of the best tools and products, we’re your best option if you’re looking for exceptional tilers for your wet rooms.

We have a broad range of tiling products featuring different colors, and you may be spoiled for a choice. However, if you don't have a specific design, our professionals will help you to identify the right one.

Our tiling materials for your wet rooms include ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, terracotta, and others. The products come in multiple sizes and forms. And you can improve the styles with a variety of available accessories.

While delivering your project, our professionals will pay attention to minor details to ensure that we deliver a perfect solution that exceeds your expectations. If you intend to remodel your toilet to give it a modern feel, we can help you. Some of the famous tiles we use for your wet room include:

  • Ceramic tiles: the ceramic outfits are either glazed or unglazed. The glazed tiles are an ideal option for the floor and walls because of their smoothness and being without pores. Although unglazed tiles offer a rustic appearance to your wet rooms, they’re prone to scratches and lack durability.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain come in multiple designs and colors and are an excellent option for a bathroom because of their water-resistant properties. Porcelain is an eye-catching option because it appears like natural stone, brick, and even wood. Many property owners prefer porcelain because of its minimal maintenance costs. The option also comes in multiple colors and styles. Because porcelain is tricky to fix, it requires a high level of expertise, which we possess.
  • Marble Tiles: The marble fittings create immediate beauty to your bathrooms. The option also helps in creating texture and volume to your wet rooms. However, the main disadvantage of marble tiles is that they're expensive and require high upkeep amounts.
  • Natural Stones: Recently, natural stone tiles have become a popular option for wet rooms. The tiles come in a variety of colors and styles and are made from marble, granite, limestone, and slate. The only downside of the stone tiles is that they can break easily and require a high maintenance cost. The option also demands constant cleaning and sealing.

What to expect from our company

When it comes to renovating your bathrooms or fixing new tiles, you shouldn’t hire a company that you’re not of their ability to deliver the best solution. You’ve got every reason for choosing us because of our demonstrated ability to deliver powerful wet room projects.  Some of the compelling reasons for choosing us to include:

Affordability: we’ve flexible prices for each of our clients. You can only inform us about your price range, and we shall determine the best solution for you.

Insurance: We carry liability insurance, and we've covered all our tilers.

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